Land Treatment

With experience working on over 400 systems, including some of the largest and most innovative in the country, Nutter & Associates offers a scientifically-based assessment and design team of land treatment expertise.

Site Selection and Evaluation

  • Preliminary Site Investigations
  • Detailed Soil Mapping and Site Characterization
  • Water Resource Assessment
  • Hydrogeologic Investigation and Modeling
  • Ground Water Mounding Analysis

Design and Permitting

  • Develop Site Layout and Basis for Design Loadings
  • Develop Site Specific Water and Nutrient Balances
  • Regulatory Guidance and Permitting
  • Construction Oversight

Operations and Management

  • Operation and Management Manuals
  • Agronomic Management Plans
  • Forest Management Plans
  • System Performance Evaluation/Audits


  • Groundwater and Surface Water Sampling
  • Database Setup and Management
  • Compliance Reporting

Specialized Studies

  • Return Flow Modeling
  • Nutrient Cycling and/or Contaminant Transport
  • Field and Greenhouse Testing for Specialized Waste Streams
  • Corrective Action Plans

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