Nutter & Associates worked with International Paper (IP) and the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) to evaluate the effects of the re-issuance of IP’s Groundwater Consumptive Use Permit on the hydrology of Elevenmile Creek and adjacent wetlands.  As a part of the study, regional groundwater models, long-term USGS stream discharge records, and site specific data collection results were evaluated to determine the potential effects of the groundwater withdrawl on local water resources.  Nutter & Associates installed continuously recording stream stage recorders and conducted channel cross-sectional surveys, stream gaging, and wetland evaluations to support the re-issuance of the permit.  It was concluded that based upon existing data analysis and site specific surveys that the re-issuance of the Consumptive Use Permit would have little to no effect on the hydrology of Elevenmile Creek or its adjacent wetlands.

Project Highlights

  • Installed stream stage recorders and conducted stream discharge measurements to develop a stream rating curve.
  • Conducted wetland and riparian zone functional assessments to assess the influence of stream hydrology on the functionality of the floodplain.
  • Conducted detailed hydrologic analyses to examine both the influence and connection of regional stream systems to the underlying aquifers.

International Paper


2011 – 2012