Nutter & Associates completed a site selection evaluation for a new poultry processing facility near Moultrie, Georgia.  The facility included a hatchery, feed mill, force main and land application system.  Studies performed by Nutter staff provided information used to develop land treatment system design, facility permitting and construction, they include:

  • Soils
  • Surface and ground water resources
  • Vegetation
  • Jurisdictional wetland delineations
  • Threatened and endangered species surveys
  • Potential environmental impacts
  • Coordination with Corps of Engineers 404 permits, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service concurrence, and Georgia Environmental Protection Division permits

The Moultrie system began operating in 2005.  The system is designed and permitted to treat processing wastewater flows averaging 1.7 million gallons per day (MGD,) and the land application site encompasses over 400 acres.

With our guidance, Sanderson was able to establish a new processing plant in a region where a discharge permit could not be obtained.  The system has won multiple awards including the U.S. Egg and Poultry Clean Water Award in 2009 and the Award for Outstanding Operations by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals in 2011.


Sanderson Farms, Moultrie, GA