Nutter & Associates completed a site investigation and design of a land treatment system in Lenoir County, NC.  Tasks included site screening of approximately 10,000 acres, an environmental review, soil and vegetation evaluation, and groundwater mounding analysis.  Site specific data gathered during the site selection and evaluation was used to develop design basis report including specification of loading rates and nutrient budgets, determination of irrigable land areas, calculation of storage requirements, determination of the vegetation management and specifications of the monitoring program.

The system was permitted in 2009, and is currently managed as half hay field and half forest.  The system is designed and permitted to treat processing wastewater flows averaging 1.4 million gallons per day (MGD,) and the land application site encompasses over 230 acres.

With guidance from Nutter staff, Sanderson was able to establish a new processing plant in the nutrient sensitive Neuse River Basin where a discharge permit could not be obtained.


Sanderson Farms, Kinston, NC