A wetland jurisdictional delineation and impact assessment was conducted for a 65-acre tract located in south Georgia.  Prior to disturbance, the property consisted of a mixture of hydric flatwoods, slough systems, pine plantation, and nonwetland areas.  A dam, pond, and series of ditches were built within existing wetlands on the property, and fill material from grading and dredging activities was placed along the surface of existing hydric soils.  A survey of hydrologic conditions, vegetation, and soil types was conducted to identify and document the contemporary and preexisting site conditions and wetland impacts present on the tract from clearing of vegetation, grading activities, and pond and dam construction.

Based on the impact assessment, a restoration plan was developed for impacts to 15 acres of non-riverine, slough system wetlands, 21 acres of flatwood wetlands, and 2.4 acres of uplands.  The plan included:

  • removal of areas of fill material and spoil piles,
  • restoration of the slough system through placement of fill material within the constructed ponds,
  • removal of the constructed dam and ditches, and;
  • replanting and site stabilization.

Restoration of the site was completed in December of 2011.  The site will be monitored for a period of five years to ensure proper vegetation establishment and growth, slough stability, and habitat establishment.


2011 to Present