Nutter & Associates was contracted to conduct water quality and biological monitoring pursuant to the Watershed Assessment for the City of Thomson, as a follow-up to the development of a Watershed Monitoring Plan by O’Brien & Gere.

To accurately assess stream water quality and geomorphology, an acoustic doppler flow meter and automated water level logging devices were utilized during wet and dry weather monitoring to establish stream rating curves.  Additionally, accurate nutrient and metal mass loading rates were calculated based upon stream discharge.

During the Watershed Assessment, several point sources of sedimentation and erosion were documented.  These observations were essential in the development of the Watershed Protection Plan and overall water quality protection within the region. All water quality sampling methodologies adhered to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Georgia Environmental Protection Division standard methods and standard operating procedures. Additionally, all biological sampling and identification was carried out by the staff of Nutter & Associates.

Project Highlights:

  • Identified point source pollution sources during watershed monitoring
  • Participated in Watershed Improvement Plan meetings with local stake holders
  • Developed community outreach and educational information as a part of Watershed Protection Plan requirements