Nutter & Associates worked closely with the City of Camilla and Carter & Sloope, Inc., to conduct a Watershed Assessment (WA) and implement a Watershed Protection Plan as required by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD).  Five water quality monitoring stations were assessed to determine the effects of non-point source pollutants on water quality and biological communities.  Based upon the results of water quality monitoring obtained during the WA, a series of watershed management activities were proposed to develop a Watershed Protection Plan (WPP).

As a part of the WPP, a Stormwater Utility was adopted by the City to control stormwater run-off and subsequent localized flooding.  The Stormwater Utility established stormwater user fees and a stormwater management implementation schedule for addressing the needs of the community.  Additionally and due to the predominant agricultural land use within and surrounding the City, a regional water resource collaboration was initiated between regional stakeholders.  The goal of the regional water resource collaboration was to establish coordinated efforts to control stormwater run-off, non-point source pollution, and aquatic habitat enhancement for the regional water resources.

Project Highlights:

  • Assisted in the development of a Stormwater Utility and Management Plan
  • Participated in regional stake holder meetings to address stormwater and pollution within the watershed
  • Continue to assist the City in conducting biological monitoring as a part of long-term monitoring requirements