City of Alma, Georgia

Dates: 2011 – present

Nutter & Associates, in collaboration with the City of Alma and Carter & Sloope Consulting Engineers, developed and implemented a Watershed Monitoring Plan, Watershed Assessment, and Watershed Protection Plan as required for NPDES permit renewal to the Alma Water Pollution Control Plant. The Watershed Protection Plan was approved in 2014 and Nutter & Associates will continue to work in conjunction with the City to conduct the required long-term biological and water quality monitoring.

As part of the Watershed Protection Plan implementation, we will work with the City to implement non-structural best management practices that protect the quality and quantity of aquatic resources in Alma service area from non-point source pollution. Four water quality stations will be monitored on a yearly basis. Sampling will include dry and wet weather water quality events and bacteriological monitoring. Additionally, biological monitoring that entails benthic macroinvertebrate community sampling and associated habitat assessments will be conducted every four years at 2 stations.

The personal and comprehensive approach in which Nutter & Associates conducts all of their projects, ensures accurate, professional, and timely results. The ability to act as a mediator between cities, municipalities, counties, and engineering firms and regulatory agencies allows Nutter & Associates to produce high quality results while maximizing our client’s understanding and goals of the project.

Project Highlights

  • Completed all aspects of the Watershed Assessment and Protection Plan
  • Identified point and non-point source pollutant inputs within the Alma service area
  • Developed a long-term water quality and biological monitoring plan
  • Implemented best management practices to alleviate pollutants and protect water resources
  • Worked with the City and Georgia Environmental Protection Division to ensure existing land use and future land use changes do not impair water use and water quality within the jurisdictional limits of the City